New Nutrition Trends to Consider


New Nutrition Trends to Consider

Nutrition trends, like fashion, are something that keeps on changing with time. And because of this, keeping up with what is the "in" thing in food products can be a daunting task. Yet, it is not really that impossible to, at least, come up with a short list of what consumers are purchasing nowadays and to find out the reasons why these products are popular in the market at present. Finding the right type might leave you wondering, "What is Vida Divina" and it can be tricky, but not if you know where to look!

According to a recent nutrition survey, kale and coconut are the trendiest of all the choices, but the foods that topped the list are seeds and nuts. Ancient grains, Greek yogurt and avocado run close to the top in the list, plus a host of other foods. It has been noted that these trendy products provide for general consumer health interests.

Let's take a look at some of these new nutrition trends. Ancient grains, as the name suggests, have been around for a very long time. These grains include sorghum, teff, millet, buckwheat, chia, kamut, bulgar and amaranth. These grains are becoming popular because they are believed to help prevent some diseases like cancer, heart disease and high blood pressure. Aside from that, these grains are gluten-free and GMO-free, which are factors that also dictate consumer choices.

Natural foods are still "in." Many companies are already taking out artificial ingredients from their products because consumers check on product ingredients. A lot of "all natural" foods are coming out in the market because these are what consumers demand. So, whatever that product is, whether gluten-free, GMO-free, certified organic or combinations of these, it just goes to show that the trend is going 'natural.' Many consumers are quite concerned that what they are putting in their bodies are stuff that comes from nature. Read about diet and fitness news at

Protein foods also claim a spot in the nutrition trends list. It is said that protein is much needed by the body in terms of muscle repair, aids in satiation and in weight management. Because of this trend, many companies are now adding protein to any product that they put out in the market. If you're interested in health food, check out the Vida Divina Products List!

It has also been observed that convenience is also a food trend. Some consumers look for something that can be cooked quickly and easily.

So, these are some of the new nutrition trends. Some will be fit for you, others will not. Some old trends might soon come back and some common trends fizzle. Yet, most nutrition experts agree that although health is a major consideration, most consumers buy foods that satisfy three basic needs, and these are convenience, taste and price. Regardless of what the trend is, most consumers will not give up on these basic needs.