What is Vida Divina?


New Nutrition Trends: A Forecast of Medicinal Mushrooms in Mainstream Society

For 2015, research on nutrition predicts a decline in sales of foods related to weight management. This decline has been giving problems to weight management companies producing specialized diets to effect weight loss or maintain desirable figures.

The research further revealed that more people are depending on regular foods for good health and to address weight issues. This is the main factor that affects the food and nutrition trends forecast not only for the current year, but for succeeding years to come unless people find more effective method. Read more about What is Vida Divina.

With research coming about the dangerous effects of some foods that are mainstays of our diets, more people switching to lower gluten or gluten free foods and shunning highly refined carbs and consuming more good grains. These foods are highly regarded nowadays because they improve the body's digestive functions and prevent bloating the stomach.

Among the most health-conscious, the concept of "bad carbs and good carbs" is taken very seriously and thus more of them are reducing carb consumption although not in significant numbers as yet. However, the research suggests that it has resulted to increasing sales of grains such as oats.

High-protein foods will be popular particularly because they have always been associated with weight management. People can easily understand protein, supported as it is by science and has always been known to be good for one's health. Learn more about health at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_fitness.

Sugar is increasingly being viewed as dangerous and has replaced salt and fat as the food that should be avoided by people who want to be healthy. Many food companies are finding it difficult to adjust to this new trend.

Consumers' interest in food that are free from gluten and other substances that are supposed to be dangerous to health is increasing. Research say this could be a permanent feature in nutrition and could affect the production of new products.

Dairy is winning big in the consumers' changing perceptions regarding fat. Science has debunked some of misconceptions about the dangers of fat and revealed some of it's the beneficial effects. The result is increasing sales of dairy products which is projected to hold in the future.

Production and marketing of products that offer functional nutrients and benefits is on the top of trends list. This been the trend since way back in 2005. The idea of nutritionally functional foods is the reason behind the massive success of coconut water, Greek yogurt and almonds. Find out more about the Vida Divina Compensation Plan here.